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Lawrence Bowen, Certified Professional Building Designer (CPBD)

Professional Member American Institute of Architects (AIA), Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI / ASCE), American Institute of Building Design (AIBD), American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS)

Less is more.
Form follows function.
Almost all of nature’s elements contain the golden ratio (1:1.618). The golden ratio can be found in nature in everything from the structure of the universe to the human body, clouds to flowers and leaves. Nearly all of the lovely things in the world around us have this ratio.
True Architecture is functional art.

"Although my architecture has won national awards, most of my post-secondary / tertiary training has been focused on building sciences and engineering of architectural building systems, their integration, and sustainability in the built environment. Being a Certified Professional Building Designer has allowed me to focus on my passion to reveal concepts that reflect the eventual reality being proposed by design.


"I have always felt that the art in architecture should result naturally and is not an intentional contrivance of the design process. Just look at the art of the natural world around us. Everywhere, we see that form follows function, which is the basis of the best architecture. In simplest terms, when it comes to producing architecture, real art is evident only when an aesthetically pleasing design has been combined naturally with its surroundings, in producing perfect functionality for the intended built environment."Lawrence Bowen


"An architectural professional becomes an artist by infusing creativity, expression, and a unique vision into design. Artistry in architecture involves the ability to create aesthetic appeal and innovative spaces that evoke emotions and respond to the surrounding environment. Those who approach their work as a form of artistic expression incorporate elements of design, proportion, color, and materiality to convey a specific concept or idea. It's the combination of technical skill, creativity, and a personal touch that distinguishes them as artists in the realm of architectural design.


"It has been said that form follows function. Thus, the best architecture results from function that becomes the creative force behind the form. This is the essence of organic, minimalist design. The built environment has to respond to its natural environment and complement it. For the designer to produce the best architecture, he must successfully address the critical, ever present challenge of dealing with the convergence of art and sciences. The artist arranges all functional elements of the built environment in an aesthetically pleasing manner, while meeting all the practical needs of the inhabitants and users of the creative work."—Lawrence Bowen

"Architecture is the interruption of natural space for an intended purpose. It should have the least amount of impact on its environment. In fact, ideally, it should responsively complement its environment."Lawrence Bowen

"Light is life. This is literally true with regard to sunlight. Most building designs simply account for light as a practical necessity, while others have light rooted in their core. The best architecture sculpts with light by carving out an appealing interruption of natural space."—Lawrence Bowen

"Architecture is the canvas for the aesthetically pleasing, emotive expression of all aspects of practical living."
Lawrence Bowen

"The space in which you work and live should have a positive impact on your well-being."
Lawrence Bowen

"When it comes to architecture, the challenge, in part, is to find the most practical structural solution that reflects the most appeal for its designated environment."
Lawrence Bowen

“You can make anything beautiful given an unlimited amount of money. But to do it within the limits of economy is different. . . . That is the challenge—to take . . . common, everyday parts and work them into an esthetically pleasing concept.”—Pierre Koenig,
Los Angeles Examiner, July 17, 1960

"Architecture is about giving form to the places where people live. It is no easier, and no more complicated, than that. There are three keywords here: 'form,' 'place,' and 'life.' As soon as one reflects on these terms, one immediately comprehends that these things are not all that easy.”—Alejandro Aravena, in his foreword to The ArchDaily Guide to Good Architecture

"If the architect's primary and most important material is human nature ... he will certainly have to cherish and understand it in relation to his work. ... Quite simply, our habits, moods, efficiency, and health are intimately related to our habitations.”—Richard Neutra


Step by Step:

1. Speak with client to discuss the project scope, feasibility, and options.

2. VQ Design PLLC will apprise the client of the particulars, discussing relevant findings and fees and provide a written proposal for design and sealed construction documentation.



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